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The Hero (bronze green)
Art 27,500.00฿ Add 10% (19 x 27 x 23.5 cm/4.80 Kg.)
The Hero The Wellborn to search for the meaning of life.

The Hero, masterpiece sculpture depicted in the Holy Boonyaudomsart Gul creative commerce. The idea of idealism to reflect the truth of the human through The Hero, magnificent horse, with a crown of righteousness is in Thailand despite Jada (ชฎา). The inimitable leadership of Asha entirety. But aging and struggling to Beck. If disturbed gaze deep into beauty. We will discover aspects of philosophy. Of life on this planet, despite lofty Ideally, still struggles. Seek that happiness That is the real thing.

The Hero also reflect the uniqueness of Thailand through art, "Kanok" (ลายกนก). The artist creates on the surface of the fuselage The Hero to the roots of art, Thailand. The flesh and the media Traces of The Hero experience that has endured. Search for Meaning of Life Not unlike humans who find purpose and joy. Long-life sequel

Highlights of the identity of the sculpture The Hero that create interest. To witness a "donkey ear, chicken leg, dog testicle, fighting fish tail, Clown featherback skin, silver blue stripe. National horse "beauty is different. Produce amazing works of art that have identities. Entertainment honor Boonyaudomsart Vanitchareon Gul.

Entertainment honor Boonyaudomsart Vanitchareon Gul. Thailand celebrated artist who created abroad. Especially in Singapore The joyful love with the beauty, power and delicacy. Thailand is a unique reflection of the spirit. Reflects the philosophy of Buddhism He was one of the artists who painted the murals at Wat Buddhist Thailand Ptip London. England

Sculpture : Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul
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