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about AimItt-Shopping.com
Started this year, 2015, to warm welcome AEC. AimItt-Shopping.com is an Internet mail-order business located in Thailand which ships any Thai products, Thai handcrafts (งานหัตถกรรมไทย), Thai kickboxing pants (กางเกงมวยไทย), dry foodstuff (ข้าวปลาอาหารแห้ง), arts, books, magazines and more to customers all over the earth. AimItt-Shopping.com was started and is run by www.volume7.co.th . By born in Thailand, Volume7 noticed that the great handcraft products available there were either too expensive or not available at all overseas. So in 2015, he started a business to ship any products around the world from Thailand at domestic prices plus 30% for service charge. All item on AimItt-Shopping.com has been examined as extreme high quality.
how to order
Ordering is easy! While browsing our product catalog, just click the "Add to Cart" button that you'll see on the product pages. When you've selected your final item, click the "Checkout" button to confirm your purchases, and then proceed to the checkout page (review the checkout process here). Before you get started, however, please read our Terms & Conditions to make sure that you understand how we operate. Please note that we do not accept orders by email, postal mail or fax.
the checkout process
Placing an order at AimItt-Shopping.com is easy! Just placing your first order should be enough to understand the process, but if you'd like to know more first, here's an outline of what to expect:

To add an item in our product catalog to your cart, click the Add to Cart button that you'll see on the product's page. When you've selected your final item, click the Checkout button in your shopping cart to confirm your purchases, and then proceed to the checkout page and follow the instructions.

Items placed in the Shopping Cart are not held for you. An order is not placed until you complete the checkout process. Items only remain in the Shopping Cart for about 24 hours, and may be removed from the Shopping Cart as stock status changes. This will be reflected once you click "Checkout."

Please note that AimItt-Shopping.com does not accept orders by postal mail or fax. Please place your orders through our website, http://www.aimitt-shopping.com

Click "Checkout" in your shopping cart.

1. Once you've loaded your shopping cart with all the goodies that you want (by clicking Add to Cart on the item pages), click the Checkout button in your shopping cart. This will start the checkout process and take you to the first page in the checkout system (the "Sign In" page). Here you will find login options for existing customers and first-time customers. Existing customers simply need to input the e-mail address with which the account was created, and their password. A successful login will take existing customers directly to #3 as described on this page. New customers will be taken to #2, as described below.

At Checkout: Create Account Information (for new customers)

2. If you are a new customer, this is where you register your name, email address, shipping address, and other information. After you enter that information (you will be prompted if there are any omissions), click Continue.

Shipping Preferences

3. From this point on, the checkout procedure is the same for both new and existing customers. On this page you will see your order separated into items that are currently in stock (shippable items), and items that are preorders or waiting for restock (non-shippable items).

Please choose an order handling method for your order, either Ship Now (the button is actually labeled "Ship When Available" to cover both in stock and not currently in stock items) or Private Warehouse for both categories of items.

If you select Ship Now, please also select your preferred shipping method. There are no default settings here; you have to choose the shipping method you want for each order. Once all necessary choices are made on this page (you will be prompted if there are any omissions), click Continue. At this point in the process you will see shipping charges when available.

Select Payment Method

4. On this page, please choose to either pay by PayPal Billing Agreement, or to checkout with PayPal or a credit card when your order is ready. Again, there are no default settings here; you will actively have to choose what you want per order. For Private Warehouse items or preorder/restock items, you can change the payment method anytime up until the items enter payment processing.

Review & Place Order

5. On this page you can see an overview of your order, with the options to make any changes you want. If everything is how you want it, click Place Order to submit the order. Please be sure that the order is set how you want it before you click this button, since orders are processed almost instantly! For items you selected to be moved to your Private Warehouse, you can do what you want with them later, but for in-stock items you have chosen to Ship Now, the process starts right away, and cannot be changed. Check and double-check before you click that Place Order button!

The "Thank You" Screen

6. Once you have clicked the Place Order button, the order begins to be processed. From this page, you have the options to either return to the website to continue shopping, review your orders and account information in the Account Maintenance System, or visit your Private Warehouse. Please note that you will not be able to modify any orders for in-stock items that were chosen as Ship Now. You can, however, modify any preorders and items waiting for restock up until the time they enter payment processing, and of course you can do anything you like with the items in your Private Warehouse.

And that's the ordering process! When your order is confirmed (which doesn't always happen instantly; if site traffic is heavy, it may take a little time), you will receive an order confirmation email, and new customers will also receive their account number and password. Please note that all the above takes place in a completely secure environment; your data cannot be stolen or leaked. You can shop with confidence at AimItt-Shopping.com!

Please be sure to check your email account for any update or warning emails we may send you. If there are any problems with receiving your payment for an order, we will contact you right way to get the problem resolved. If we do not hear back from you and cannot receive payment for an order within seven days, that order as well as all your outstanding orders will be cancelled and your ordering privileges suspended (your account and any related accounts will be locked) until we hear from you. So, please be sure to check your email!

We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience at AimItt-Shopping.com! If you have any questions, please contact us.
Most of our prices are add 30% on the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the item in Thailand. On our sales page, you can find hundreds of more deeply discounted items as well. Nothing is priced higher than its standard retail price here, even if it's a rare product. Shopping through AimItt-Shopping.com's web site is just like getting on a plane and shopping in Thailand.
paying in Thai baht
We're located in Thailand, so our products are priced in Thai baht. If you pay by credit card via PayPal, PayPal will charge your credit card in baht and will do the currency exchange for you. Your card statement will show both the original baht amount that we charged, as well as the conversion to your local currency. If you pay via a PayPal account, you just select baht as the payment currency on their website.

On AimItt-Shopping.com's product pages, just hold your mouse over any price to see conversions from Thai baht into dollars, euros and other currencies. These prices are provided for your reference only. Your final cost may vary somewhat from the price shown, depending on exchange rate fluctuations and your card issuer or PayPal.

NOTE: Due to international exchange rate fluctuations between the Thai baht and your country's currency, prices in your country's currency may change from the time you place an order to the time you are actually charged for it. The baht price does not change. The baht price at the time you placed the order is the price you will be charged. PayPal or your credit card company will handle the exchange to Thai baht, and there may be a fee for this. Please consult with PayPal or your credit card company for details.
shipping from Thailand
Since shipping usually involves crossing one or more oceans, it naturally costs more than domestic mail-order, but our Private Warehouse system, which allows you to combine or split orders for shipping as you see fit, can help you keep costs down. Expect delivery times of 10-30 business days* for Standard shipments, 2-7 business days for Express shipments, and 2-5 business days for Courier to most countries.

Summaries of the shipping methods we offer are available to give you a good idea of costs and to help you choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.

* A business day is a week day, including Thai national holidays.
import duty and tax
For customers in the U.S., there is no import duty or taxes on hobby items or toys. Customers in other countries will usually have to pay some import duty and possilbly other fees. Any customs fees would be charged by your government, not by us. Your post office should be able to give you the details on the conditions under which customs fees are charged.

Duty and fees vary greatly from country to country. However, advantages in our selection and prices in most cases mean it's still cheaper to buy from AimItt-Shopping.com and pay duties than to search locally.

Please note that any customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer.
availability of items
While many of the items shown on our pages are almost always in stock, some of the figures and toys are either low-production collectibles, "garage kits" or other items which are only manufactured once, or once every few months or less! The stock status of the items in our database is currently shown in our search engine results, and after you place an order, you can check the availability of what you've ordered at any time using My Stock (accessible by clicking "MyStock" on the middle left of pages on http://www.aimitt-shopping.com).

We do have more information about availability and item page stock status displays. Availability of Thai products can be spotty, but unlike most online stores, we're happy to accept orders for currently out-of-stock items, and then watch backorders for our customers, shipping when things do become available, even if that means waiting for months.
Can I pick up/pay for my order at your store?
Unfortunately, no. AimItt-Shopping.com is strictly an online retailer and does not have an actual shopfront or a way to accept in-person pickups or payments. All of our transactions are handled through our website, and all of our payments through PayPal.
icon & symbol
Item we have in stock. We can ship to immediately after you purchase.
Item we not have in stock. We have to make a order for you.
Item on sale!!. Usually we charge 30% for service fee. If there is charge less than that, it's on sale!!.
Item able to customise, such as write your name even in Thai language.
YakLek who beats YakYai.
Completed in process.
Click to cancel the order.
Click to hide the order on myStock page.
Click to show the order on myStock page.
We are checking the item available for purchase.
Checking are completed.
We are checking. You can not pay right now.
Item is available for purchase. You can pay at this time.
You have paid for this order.
We are checking or waiting for payment.
We are packing for delivery your item.
Packing is done. You also look for tracking number as this icon has shown.
We are checking or waiting for payment or packing your item.
Your item is delivering.
The item has delivered to you.
We are checking or waiting for payment.
The item has moved to the private warehouse.
The order was canceled.
What 10% we charge?
We do purchase item you need in Thailand instead of you honestly.
We do pack your item for delivery with love, care and Thai news paper.
We repose for shipping fee that occur from packaging for delivery in Thailand.
What you get after register?
You get a feature to ask anything about product, stock status and private warehouse status through Talk to AimItt-Shopping.com button.
You get a feature to stock your item in the private warehouse.
You get a feature to request a link for your desire product.
You could request anything you want in Thailand via myLink, when you cannot find in AimItt-Shopping.com product page or you do not know how to start. Just type then submit.
Register with AimItt-Shopping.com, get a lot of fun.
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